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Foresthill Library News

By: Robin Guthrie, Foresthill Librarian
Published: Foresthill Messenger – Wednesday 24 September 2014 

New Equipment and Services Available Soon!

It’s time to fill you in on the Grant that we received from the California State Library. It was our challenge to ask for some things that we thought would be truly helpful to Foresthill and its surrounding area citizens. In the end we decided on some things practical and others that are completely new to libraries.

Very soon people will be able to fax, scan and make color copies from our ‘Public’ Office Machine. As there is currently, there will be a small charge for printing and faxing but you won’t have to drive down to Auburn to get your color copy or to receive or send a fax.

We have many folks who drop in wanting to use their laptops and we haven’t a place to plug them in. There will soon be a new table installed with an electric plug-in hub on it that will support 4 laptops at a time. Yahoo!, no more wires running across the floor!

The brand new idea that we came up with was a piece of equipment called a SnapCharger. It will make charging your laptop very fast while you are at the library or while you do chores in town. It features a locker that can hold up to seven laptops at a time, each with its own locking door. We are installing this for everyone to utilize but especially the folks who live without electricity.

Many of the decisions made and grant monies awarded were because of our rural area. With many folks living out of the town center, seasonal stays on the “Hill” and logging folks it just made sense to go for what we did.

We will also be conducting three different classes for anyone who wants help with computers. In addition we will have a volunteer at the library one day a week for two hours so people can ‘Drop-In’ and receive the information they need to complete tasks on computers.

We hope that this new equipment and classes (Titles and dates to come soon!) will make life easier to stay connected on the hill.


 Who’s laughing now, King Fire?

King Fire Laughing

From the King Fire, taken by Tony Zárate 9/24/14



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