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To see the Agenda or the Minutes for our meetings, go to the FFOL tab above.  Our meeting dates: The second Thursdays of every other third month – at the Library.  9 November 2017

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Foresthill Friends of the Library

AGENDA: Nov 9, 2017 2 PM

Foresthill Library: 24580 Main Street

Introduction of members, prospective members and guests

Approve/Revise Previous Meeting Minutes (     PLEASE READ MINUTES PRIOR TO THIS MEETING)


  • Treasurer’s Report – submitted by Sally D’Aragon
    • Checking Account, Expenses, Income, Net Balance
  • Foresthill Branch Library – Robin Guthrie
  • Placer Library –Eve Nyren

Old Business

  • Andromeda & Beyond – general discussion & input

New Business

  • FFOL representative to Foresthill  Community Development Council – Tyler
  • Payment due to Spiral 24.95 for  domain – Tyler
  • Officers – Nomination & VOTE
    • Note at present only the office of President needs a “new” person – all other Board members have served <3 years in their present positions
  • Big Day of Giving  (for information big dayof
    • Do we want to participate in 2018? May 3
      • If yes we need a team to:
        • Attend orientation if not attended last year
        • Pay fee – credit card only $85.00 & register (deadline 12/31/2017)
        • Update profile with recent 990/990EZ (deadline 1/31/2018)
        • Participate for the 24 hour fund raiser
  • FFOL Membership Party
    • When?
    • Need a chair person
  • Spring Plant Sale – May 12, 2018 – Sharon
  • 2018 Calendar
    • January 2018
      • FFOL Meeting 1/11 2PM
    • February
      • $3 Book Bag sale – need date for sale & preview for members
    • March
    • April
      • FFOL Meeting 4/12  6:30 PM
    • May
      • Big Day of Giving  5/3
      • Spring Plant Sale 5/12
    • June
    • July
      • FFOL Meeting 7/12 6:30PM
    • August
      • Preview sale for Members 8/3
      • Book Sale 8/4
    • September
    • October
      • FFOL Meeting 10/11 2PM
    • November
    • December
  • Adjourn –

NEXT MEETING:  January 11 2PM

The minutes of our 9 November Special Meeting are under the FFOL tab at the top of this page.  Look under latest minutes.

Computer/Technology Learning at the Library

Please feel free to come in to the library on Thursdays, between 12 and 2 PM for help with your questions on computers, tablets, iPhones, Android phones and questions about borrowing digital library books. Cathy Gerber is there to help you in any way she can with technology issues.
Do you want to learn how to categorize your Kindle books: Mystery, Historical, Non-Fiction etc? This helps you find the book you want to read next, especially if you have a lot of books in your library.

If you are also interested in understanding the Windows 10 File Explorer (Manager) and why there seems to be multiple “Document” folders, she can explain it and offer you a handout, explaining where all your files are actually located on your computer.

Foresthill Rebounders
A Road to Recovery

We have an ongoing support group for people who are surviving various physical challenges such as strokes, cancer, Parkinsons and other life challenges, and their caregivers (advocates). Please meet with us at the Foresthill Library Community room on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you then.


9 November 12 pm to 2 pm
Foresthill Library Community Room

Learning a new craft is always fun! Are you familiar with Kuni-himo? Come to the Kandy Kane class November 9th 12-pm-2pm.  More details to follow.

Sign up for classes on the clipboard in the FFOL Book Sale Room in the Library. All classes are held in the Community Room at the Library.  See you there!


This is Sharon showing off our design board!  Come join the group to see all the wonderful projects they are producing and to take classes for yourself!