Latest Minutes



The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:35pm.

Present were Sally D’Aragon, Katy Berger, Robin Guthrie, Sally Drone, Cathy Gerber, KW Rice, Laura Bumpus, Eve Nyren, PC Library Services Manager, and ______________

Minutes were approved with changes that were made as suggested prior to the meeting.

Treasurer’s report was submitted by Tyler Harkness via Sally D’Aragon. He was unable to attend this meeting. It was noted that the March 2018 report began with a figure that differed from the February ending balance. This was corrected at the meeting. The rest of the report was approved by vote of the Board.

Eve announced that our new librarian, Janice will be starting soon.

Updates were discussed about the plant sale. The banners the FFOL ordered are here. Many members are contributing plants and time at the sale. Books relating to plants will be available from the FFOL book sale room.

The Gala was discussed next and a date was set for August 26th, from 1-4PM. A sub-committee was formed to help with advertising, food and entertainment.

The next FFOL Book Sale will be in August. It was decided the members of FFOL may access the sale early but on the same day as the sale instead of the day before as was done at the previous sale.

The FFOL will have a booth at the Fourth of July as well as Heritage Festival in September. Antique and special books will be sold at silent auction.

Next on the agenda was to get input on possible classes. A junk card class is being held on May to be taught by Jeannie Crawford. FFOL members will work on scheduling fun craft classes for the community.

The little library box is up for silent auction and the final day is August 26th.

Robin presented a request that the FFOL help pay for 2 nights stay at Sequoia House to be given to Cathy Gerber for all her assistance she has given to the library and FFOL. She is leaving the area and will be missed.

Eve and _______________gave an explanation and further discussion regarding the Memorandum by Mary George, Director of Library Services for Placer County.

The Operating Agreement between Library Administration, the Library Advisory Board and the Friends of the Library was discussed. Clarification was made as to the role of FFOL in supporting the Foresthill Library and the types of projects that meet the intent of the agreement.

The next FFOL meeting will be Thursday, July 12th at 2 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 PM followed by a gathering to wish Cathy Gerber all the best in her new adventures.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Simester, Secretary

Foresthill Friends of the Library

On an after note,

I would like to apologize as my original notes were not saved on my tablet and I reconstructed the meeting with input by President, Sally D’Aragon.

Please submit any corrections or omissions to me by email or phone and I will gladly make corrections.