Latest Minutes




The meeting was called to order at 4:58pm.

In attendance were : Gail McCafferty, Sally D’Aragon, Mary George, Mikel Paris, Janice Whitney, Tyler Harkness, Sally Drone, Sharon Ross, Robin Guthrie, and Sandy Simester

Last meeting’s minutes were reviewed and a motion was made to approve the minutes. It was seconded and the minutes were approved as written.

`Treasurer’s Report: The reports for September and October 2018 as well as the draft budget for 2018/2019 . Per Sharon Ross, the expenses were revised for quilt supplies to $200 from $700. The publicity budget and office supplies were discussed. It was suggested to reduce the projection down $100 to $300 each. Magazines and newspapers were discussed. Robin will look into a donation for the Messenger. Membership income was discussed as it is now collected by donations only. It is anticipated it will be less in 2019. We are using old envelopes for memberships and the Facebook page has an old list of categories which should be updated. Janice fielded ideas from customers who wish to know more about FFOL membership and expected commitment. She suggested maybe to print a list of ways to volunteer. Since there appears to be interest in the community, it was decided to upgrade the membership information. To be further discussed at the January meeting.

Another way to expose the FFOL to the community, which was used in the past, is to do a presentation at the Forum meeting.

Next it was discussed for a quilt to be brought in by the Sisters in Stitches for display in the library.

Also there was discussion to allot more volunteer time to assist with the May plant sale.

In conclusion, Tyler will revise the budget as discussed for the January meeting.

Janice- Discussed the Camp fire in Paradise. The library is still open. Discussed ways to donate gift cards etc. Her report was before the Treasurer’s report due to making copies of the Treasurer’s report for the Board.

The door counter is functioning now. It was being blocked. October showed 3,500+ visitors. There are plans for more activities and games.

Volunteering-Katy Berger deserves a big thanks as Katy said she needs to retire. She’s been a greeter and positive influence with customer for many years. We discussed a recognition for her. Per Janice, there were 5 volunteers and October now has 4 but they have increased hours. She has received new volunteer applications and a few waiting for approval.

Janice shared a Placer Nature Center event. It was at the park here. There was as story book trail. 14 attended and it proved to be successful.

Foresthill Elementary tours-9 scheduled and 4 done so far. Pre-K through 3rd grades . Books were given to the students thanks to FFOL.

Story times- September was lower attendance but October was higher with activities and games.

Surplus funds went to pencils, bookmarks and erasers.

Plans are for a remodel of library displays for more visually open space and an inviting presentation. Had lots of kids visit for Halloween. Janice concluded her report.

Mikel-Placer Library update-All Friends meeting in March 2019. Will discuss system set ups and insurance info for all Friends groups. An email will go to our FFOL president. Will be held at the Holiday Inn March 2, Saturday. All Friends members are welcome. Sophie Bruno is to talk. Food will be provided.

LAB is tomorrow. Mary will talk about the Placer County Library budget. New strategic plan. ILS system for catalog and extra features to be implemented Feb 2019. Mtn/Valley Consortium update also. The meeting is 10am in Penryn.

Completed the inventory in all county branches. Prior to inventory, staff had gleaned older less circulated items. Local history books were discussed. They re-collected most of the history books of local history for further review. PC Archives reviewed books for rarity. Mary reminded us that libraries can’t act as an archive. Shifted some items to Placer County Archives. They are creating an updated policy and procedures for historical materials. End of report.

Old Business-Robin reported that the 2018 Opportunity Quilt was won by Shelby Worton. 2018 Proceeds totaled about $335. The next Opportunity Quilt was previously discussed as an item to be made for 2019.

Classes- Sharon Ross reported an idea for a fun article in the Messenger with a survey to turn in? Sharon will work on a questionnaire.

Scholastic- books ordered for the first grade. Bills given to the treasurer to pay.

Magazines- no need to budget now since library system covers that.

Library books- Tyler to bring check to Janice to transfer to main library.

Treasurer needs to issue a check to Robin for Sequoia house for prior approved $100.

Insurance- On hold until we have a special event. CDC found out they can’t have an umbrella policy. Discussed on County property no need for coverage. But risk if third party/entertainers brought in etc. More to learn at the All-Friends meeting.

More outreach? Pushed to January meeting. Discussed the Messenger and surveys.

Any more new business? Discussed the donated projector needs adapters. Would be great for FFOL presentations or travelogues.

Meeting adjourned 6:30 PM.

Next meeting January 8 at 5pm.