Latest Minutes





The meeting was called to order at 2:05pm.

No library representative was present. Attending were Sharon Ross, Tyler Harkness, Sally Drone, Katy Berger, Gail McCafferty, Robin Guthrie, Sally D’Aragon, Cathy Gerber, and Sandy Simester.

Minutes were approved with change to weekend before Mother’s Day for the Spring Plant Sale.

Treasurer’s report-November was busy with donations, auction, and book room. Payment was made for internet expenses as well.

Board approved treasurer’s report.

Sally D’Aragon suggested the Friends support a few magazine subscriptions at the library. Eve said yes to the idea, so we are waiting for the list. Now we are no longer able to take magazine donations. Per Robin, we need to get funding in before April 30. Sally will get the list and then email out so FFOL members can choose from the list and make suggestions.

Per Robin, they can be checked out or read in the library. We currently get a limited number of magazine subscriptions from Auburn. The County pays for software to download magazines online. The library website gives info on how and what to download with your library card. Sally Drone suggested we ask for the library to pay the subscription to We could contact Mary George and Kelly Hekla to request this via a letter. Sally D’Aragon will pursue this via email. Also was suggested a messenger notice to state all of the things you can do at your library. Robin will write the article representing the FFOL.

Spring plant sale- co-sponsored by FFOL and FCDC. We have some gardening books to sell. FCDC will submit a usage request for the parking lot and restrooms for the sale. Questions arose whether FCDC has an insurance policy on file. Reminders were made to get plants started in pots and in decorative containers. Sharon Ross is to get in touch with the FCDC group for further planning and time frame. Robin suggested the group get a banner too as it worked well for the art show.

$3/bag book sale-Sharon will modify the Messenger article from before and get it in the Messenger. Preview shopping is set the night before (2/9) for FFOL members. An email will be sent out to members. Cathy will send it out soon to members. Volunteers will arrive 4:30pm Friday afternoon. Saturday sale starts 10 am and a sign up list will be placed in the library.

BDOG (Big Day of Giving) is May 3rd- Did we pay the fee to register? Yes we did, per Tyler Harkness. Discussed the filing of 990EZ tax form as requested by the BDOG program. Sally D’Aragon stated we usually don’t file a 990EZ as we don’t make enough income. There is a need to expand the committee due to last year’s members not available this year. Robin will ask Marjean of FCDC to assist as well as a high school student from last year. Robin will ask Laura Bumpus how she may be able to help this year.

Tyler was thinking of looking for sponsors to match funds. We need to promote in February or March that FFOL will be involved in Big Dog. Gail McCafferty stated that it takes 8-9 months to get larger sponsors like Target and Raley’s. We need to update the FFOL profile and Tyler will do this. Tyler suggested we send our fiscal year end statement to the IRS?
The donors need to be able to see why we need financial assistance. Our info is still current at Big Dog and we have sent the application money.

Discussed how the County has control over what is bought for the libraries now. Right now FFOL can only buy books, not furniture etc.

Discussion continued regarding having a membership gala party to promote more community members to become involved. Discussed having more cultural events for the community and speakers. Members discussed ideas for possible events. Suggested by Sharon to bring ideas to our April meeting with details.

Robin will check into availability for Memorial Hall for a Sunday for the gala. Memorial Hall has a calendar online. Sharon asked for a volunteer a chairperson. Sally D’Aragon offered to chair the planning committee. The board discussed having the food catered.

Spring Craft fair is April 14th –Update was made by Sandy Simester on the opportunity quilt. It was discussed how it is being sewn and donated by the Sisters in Stitches. FFOL will have a booth at the craft fair and sell tickets for the quilt. The board approved to reimburse Sandy for fabric expenses.

Next up was the nomination for 2018 president of FFOL. Sharon Ross has been in office too long past the term allowed as written in the by-laws. Tyler Harkness will take over treasurer temporarily until another treasurer can be found and Sally D’Aragon volunteered to be president this year. Sharon offered to be vice-president now. It was voted that Sally be president, Sharon be vice-president, Tyler be treasurer and Sandy Simester remain as secretary for 2018.

Now that Sally is president, we need to change the April meeting date to April 26th at 6:30.

Tyler added that the July meeting is a conflict for him, timewise. So the time for July 12th is 2pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:31pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Sandy Simester, Secretary