Latest Minutes


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Community Room
24580 Main Street Foresthill
(530) 367-2785

The meeting was called to order @ 5:11 PM by President Sally D’Aragon.

Minutes compiled by Secretary kW Rice. Others in attendance: Sally Drone, Robin Guthrie, Wayne Fiske, Lorene Euerle, and Kelly Heikle: Administrative Fiscal Office of Placer Library Services.


  • Minutes of Sept. 6 were reviewed. It was noted a clerical error on : $12,589.78 (par. 4). it should be higher and roughly “$16,000-something. The minutes were accepted as amended.
  • >The Sept/Oct. Treasurer’s Report was accepted as amended, with a total balance of $16.728.69
  • It was also pointed out Scholastic Services has a procedural process mandating orders to be less than one thousand dollars so as to deter fraud.
  • Kelly introduced herself and then delivered reports on Foresthill Library and Placer Library Services updates:

Foresthill: There is good attendance at Foresthill Library; attendance is back to pre-covid levels!

There were nine attending the Book Club.

Circulation is increasing.

Elizabeth Karr has moved on and there is an active search for her replacement.

Placer Library Services: The new Website is now online. “Kanopy” , a free streaming service for all-type films, documentaries, television, and “Great Courses.”     (I say YAY!)

Another aspect of the Website is “Novelist” for resources.

School Visitations are active and successful.

Penryn Library will be officially closed Dec. 31

Library Administration has moved into its own building in Rocklin.

Auburn Library will soon begin large safety enhancements. This will have impacts, with possible temporary closures.

There was an All-Friends meeting on Oct. 21. The next one will be April 1 (No Fooling) 2024.

NOTE! Any Donations by Friends must be in Before April 1, No Fooling!


Personal Librarian is the FFOL/ Fabric Friends Book Club is the current book in progress.

Wild Things is progressing slowly. There are attendance and demographic issues; Bree is following up.

The first-grade book gifting is ready to go for Nov/ Dec. Stickers might be included.


There are no bills! (again: I say Yay!)

Wayne did a Cyber Security presentation at the Friendship Club. The new, slightly used projector worked fine. There were challenges with doing a presentation during a meeting where food was being served, but still a good learning experience for the upcoming programs.

Wayne will check with our FFOL website interactiveness[sic] with Placer’s new website.

Elections for new positions in January were discussed. Robin is willing to continue as Treasurer and so will kW as Secretary.

We Need a President!

Sally adjourned the meeting at 6:20 PM

Afterward, there was a sincere discussion of having our next meeting be held on Saturday, January 13, 2024 @ 10:30 AM.

There will be daylight and better attendance demographics