Latest Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 5:08pm.

Present were Janice Whitney, Mickel Paris, Sally D’Aragon, Robin Guthrie, Katy Berger, Sandy Simester, KW Rice, Gail McCafferty, Sharon Ross, and Tyler Harkness

Minutes from the last meeting were approved by vote. They were written by Tyler Harkness due to Sandy’s absence.

Treasurer’s report was discussed and read. Book sales continue to bring in revenue. Liability insurance needs were discussed. Sally continues to keep the sale room in nice order.  It was moved to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted. The motion passed. Reports will be submitted for audit.

Janice reported how nice the new shelf for magazines is working. She thanked FFOL for the donation.  There is a door (patron) counter being researched for installation in the library. Hopefully October.
Story time is going well. Ages range 2-8yr. olds. Volunteer hours are strong. Janice has submitted volunteer apps for 5 new volunteers!
Summer reading showed a lot of participants but not as many to complete the program.

Amazing Animal World had a great attendance.  Sourdough Slim activity and hands on games and crafts was well attended. Discussed if more open to the public, may bring in more participants and exposure to library services.

Bookmobile attendance was less this year at the Heritage Festival. There was less attendance in general for the festival. It seemed the Chamber of Commerce did less advertising and promoting to a broader audience.

Will have 9 tours from school students October to Nov.
First grade books ordered. Janice requested left over FFOL money from books to go towards pencils, paper, etc.

Fire Marshall did inspection- Book sale room needs more clearance to upper shelves, so items will need to be brought down. Heater needs more clearance also. Sally’s husband to work on that. End of Janice’s

Mickel’s report-Inventory has been a big project and Foresthill was the first library to undergo updating.  They looked for worn or dirty or non-catalogued books. ILS is the new cataloging system. About 350
books were removed. New system allows a better “Amazon like” catalog. More versatility to link to other systems and shift books to where they are better needed. Trying to keep collections fresh and
better keep track of them.

Library Advisory Board meeting in Colfax Library, Sept 19 at 10 am. Staff appreciation and training will be October 4th so libraries will be closed.  All FOL gala will be March 2, 2019, a Saturday. Will have speakers from Sacramento. End of his report.

Old Business-
$3/bag sale August –during fire sale was $300+

Review of gala party- It was great and great visiting amongst the guests and staff. There were comments about the great community feelings at the gala. Could have been a better turnout. Wilbur did a great job on the food and Rachel West’s singing and guitar playing was very pleasant. Little Library sale did well and winner is enthusiastic to make it go well in her neighborhood. Ideas for next one- different day? Like Thursday after 2pm closing might be better. Thinking about every other year as well. Discussed the Auburn Gala where they sell meal tickets etc. and add a silent auction?

Opportunity quilt-Total proceeds so far are about $300+. The final event will be Holiday in the Pines.

Craft Classes-Oct 6 knitting beginning, level 3. Sandy can teach fabric pumpkins on a Saturday in October. Terry H soap making lass? Discussed possible classes.

Purchases-gifted bookcases and hallway table and wire basket.
Envelopes for cards in good supply now. Jr. Member cards order placed. Back packs for kids ordered and arrived. Book bag totes have arrived-price went up so now for sale in library for $3.

Antique Silent auction and proceeds not tabulated as yet. May mot be done in the future?

New Business- Purchases for the library-traditionally money sent down to PCL as an annual pledge to supplement library budget. Discussed how gifting works with Placer County. Many books, DVD’s etc. are now floating from library to library. New software will determine where the need for a book exists in the library system. Goal is to keep costs down and keep collection fresh at each branch. This is a change and discussion was how our donations money is handled.

Concern is to be sure donations stay at the Foresthill branch. Now placards will be in books where the donations originate instead of specific books to stay in this library. Lots of questions for Mickel to explain the new system

Motion made for $2,000 to be sent for the year with a following possible $2,000 be sent by March, 2019. Discussed to request the money to go towards the “Lucky Day” books (stay at FH library for the
first year). We can write a separate request to go to Terry in Admin., who administers the program.
Newsletter/news articles- We may decide to put out a newsletter periodically.
Budget for 2019 – Sally reviewed 2017/2018 budget to compare to current budget. Estimations were off
in some areas. After discussion some areas were changed. Vote made for 2018/2019 budget approval. Moved and seconded for approval as revised.

Insurance discussed. Decided to leave in the 2019 budget for now. Maybe only need single event coverage.

Meeting adjourned 7:15pm.

Next meeting set for Tuesday, November 13th at 5 pm. Meetings will continue as the second Tuesday of the odd months 5pm.