Latest Minutes





Meeting called to order 2:02pm- Present were: Sharon Ross, KW
Rice, Tyler Harkness, Sally D’ Aragon, Sandy Simester, Cathy Gerber, Katy Berger, Sally Drone, Laura Bumpus, Vina Kliesch, Kathy Randall, and Robin Guthrie.

Discussed minutes-Tyler will try to change website to reflect prior meeting minutes; a history of minutes. Secretary generates minutes to President and Library Manager and Tyler to post on FFOL website.

Katy moved to accept, Tyler seconded and members approved the minutes.

Treasurer, Sally D’Aragon, gave her reports back to July. Fundraisers doing well-book room, book sale and book auction. Plant sale and BIG DOG receipts were healthy.

Sharon reported a large donation from a patron who she gave crochet lessons to.

Tyler moved, Sally Drone seconded and treasurer’s report was approved.

There was a break in the meeting to celebrate Robin and her retirement as Foresthill Library Manager. We saluted her with sparkling cider and a beautiful cake donated by her fans. Robin shared her plans for various community projects.

Old Business- Andromeda and Beyond- went very well according to Sharon. It was suggested that maybe at the next event, we have the tables inside the hall instead of the hallway, so people will linger at the tables longer. Sally D’Aragon suggested FFOL have these events more throughout the year.

New Business- ‘Tyler attends the Foresthill Community Development Council meetings. Members agreed we need to be under their umbrella for various events and fund raisers. Moved and seconded to vote that Tyler represent FFOL at the FCDC meetings.

Tyler discussed the bill from Spiral for the FFOL website domain.

Officers- Nomination and votes. Discussed how Sharon has been President for 4 years-one year beyond the bylaw. Nominations for President- none presented,

Vice-President-There was much discussion regarding the positions. Voted that all continue in their current positions until the January meeting. The election will continue at that time.

Discussion also focused on making the meeting time convenient for all. No changes at this time

Big Day of Giving-Do we wish to participate in 2018? The date is May 3, 2018. Deadlines coming up for paperwork and fees. There is a fee to participate and donors have the option to pay the fee on their donation. Katy mentioned that direct donations to the library go all to the library. Laura Bumpus explained the system and how matching funds works. The FFOL would need to solicit companies to support by offering matching funds.

Members voted on Sharon’s motion to pay the $85 fee for participating in the BIG DOG fundraiser.

FFOL next discussed a membership party sometime in June after BIG DOG and the plant sale.

The Spring Plant Sale is May 5th. This is the day before Mother’s Day and will be coordinated with the Foresthill Community Development Council.

The next book sale date will be February 10th, 10-2PM, Saturday, with a membership presale on the 9th at 5-6:30PM.

Members suggested using Constant Contact to get the word out for all of the FFOL events.

The antique book silent auction sale will again be in September at the Heritage Festival in 2018.

There is a quilt being made by the Sisters in Stitches with the hopes to start the opportunity raffle at the 2018 Spring Craft Fair.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2018 at the Foresthill Library Community Room at 2pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:22pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sandy Simester, FFOL Secretary.