Foresthill Friends of the Library

Draft Minutes

To be approved at our next meeting

Thursday 13 July 2017 at 6:30 pm
24580 Main Street
(530) 367-2785

(If you want to have this document at our next meeting, please print it.)

The meeting began at 6:40. Those present: Sharon Ross; Tyler Harkness; Sally d’Aragon; Cathy Gerber; Kate Burger; Eve Nyren, PC Library Services Manager; Robin Guthrie, Foresthill Branch Manager

Approve/Revise January Meeting Minutes

1. kW had a comment about using the MPU (Motion Passed Unanimously) notation. He felt that
this discourages critical discussion on the Board. Sharon suggested that we use “Motion Carried” as involving less cheer leading.

. Cathy moved that the minutes be accepted. Sally seconded. Motion Carried. (MC).

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. We have four Treasurer’s Reports for March, April, May and June 2017.

  2. We know the total deposit for May, but not the breakdown. That will come later, after Sally’s guests have left. We received $959 from the plant fundraiser and $1,400 from BDOG in May. Our total cash on hand is $24,070. Robin thought we did not look like we needed the money as much as the Pool and we could have looked more needy.

  3. Our book fundraiser is coming up on August 5th.

  4. Tyler brought up doing something for Nonprofit Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We will have to put a donation button on our website and Facebook webpage. Sharon suggested we advertise in the Messenger.

Operations Reports

A. Foresthill Branch Library – Robin Guthrie, Foresthill Library Branch Manager

  1. The Bubble Party in the Park. This was a massive success in spite of the 100 degree heat. Over 50 kids showed up and Robin made five gallons of bubble potion. All five gallons were used. Pipe cleaners were the best for forming the bubbles.

  2. The Tie Dye Party was also a success. About 15 kids signed up. Three did not show up but about that many, who had not signed up, were present and took the class. Everyone made at least one t-shirt. It was mass chaos. Most of the dye was contained. Sally D came with all her leprechauns.

  1. The Duct Tape Wallet Party was a little over subscribed. Robin had plenty of silver duct tape but not enough oil cloth for the lining. The school showed up with 26 kids. We were expecting 10 or 12. The littler kids made Japanese drums.

  2. The summer reading program is going well. Almost as many kids sighed up as last year, but there are more finishers. The adult reading program is going great. We are going to run out of prizes but we will get some vouchers.

  3. Our Golden Tickets program, for junior readers, has six parties the kids can attend. One of these parties will be at the Colfax Theater. The library has rented the whole theater for the night. We are doing a star party at Memorial Hall.

  4. Angela, our literacy coordinator, put together some interviews with new adult readers about what reading means to them. They are heartwarming stories. Two copies are available at the front desk.

  5. Mad Science will be here next week, with their hovercraft.

B. Placer County Library – Eve Nyren, PC Library Services Manager

  1. The PC Library’s budget was passed and it is the best budget we have had in a long time. The Library will be able to keep all our branches open for their usual hours and fully staffed.

  2. The Auburn branch has been undergoing considerable landscaping work. This is being funded by Facilities Management and is being done to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. There will be curbside book drops. The children’s area will be enclosed by a fence and have artificial grass, because it is too shady for turf.

  3. The HR study is part way done. It will help us know what is required of a junior clerk and what should a senior clerk be doing. The job title of clerk will be kept because it is used countywide. For the smaller branches, there should be two staff members at all times. [Your secretary could not follow the discussion concerning extra help staffing.]

Old Business

  1. We still need a president. Eve suggested that we put up a sigh in the book room about our need for a permanent president. Also we could put an article in the Messenger and in our next Newsletter. Sharon agreed to write up a job description of her presidential duties.

  2. Craft Classes update. Sharon also is doing the tasks of our arts and crafts director. The classes are: Beginning Pine Needle Basketry in July, Beginning Knitting in August, Junk Cards in September with Jeanne Crawford, Fabric Pumpkins in October with Sandy Simester, Fall Flower Arranging also in October, taught by the Auburn Arrangers, and Japanese Braiding (limited to 10 people) in November taught by Terry Hubner. There will be a article in the Messenger laying all this out.

New Business

  1. Our donation to the messenger: kW said that the Messenger does our organization a great service. kW move to make two subscriptions to the Foresthill Messenger for one years (estimated cost $35 per one subscription). Tyler seconded. MC.

  1. Sharon said that Sandy Simester had graciously indicted her willingness to serve as our new Board secretary. After less than two seconds, Cathy moved to nominate Sandy Simester to be our secretary. kW second the nomination. MC

  2. Book Fundraiser 5 August. We will put the books and other items in the hallway on the Friday before the Sale. By 8:00 am, we will move the books outside. We will have to mark off the parking spaces for our sale on Friday.

  3. Heritage Festival Old Book Fundraiser, 2 September. Antique books for sale in the park. It will be Saturday only. Volunteers will sign up in the library.

  4. Community Garden will have a grand opening Saturday 15 July 10 am to 2 pm. Kevin, the coordinator for the Master Gardeners, will be speaking. Sharon will also be there. Also there will be a sawmill demonstration, Eisleys will be there, activities for kids, garden art plus plant sales. There are now four master gardeners in Foresthill.

  5. Membership: Sharon ask if you have to pay something to be a member of the FFOL. What are the benefits of membership; a free book so many times a year or on their birthday. Also if they come to a Board meeting, they will get a raffle ticket to win a book or early shopping the day before a book fundraiser. Cathy said that some people do not like carrying a lot of cards. Sharon said that when people come to the library, they usually bring their library card. It should not be too much more trouble to bring their membership cards. [Secretary’s Note 1: Something just occurred to me, Members could get free use of our copiers, printers and Fax machines.]

  6. Robin mentioned that the PC Library has license plate frames that say “Driven to Read – Placer County Library”. We could give then out to card holders.

  7. kW mentioned that when we first incorporated as a nonprofit organization, we had a nonprofit incorporation party. We could do that again. Or possibly we could have a high tea at the library.

  8. The three big branches, Auburn, Rocklin and Granite Bay, are allowed to have a party once a year in the library. Somebody from the library staff has to be there. [Secretary’s Note 2: 8-14 April 2018 is National Library Week, just saying that would be a good time for a party.]

  9. Sharon asked if someone could be a member of the FFOL without paying anything. People who donate their time to serve on committees or write book reviews or serve the library in other ways should be issued a card.

  10. Or possibly we could give each card holder a special book bag, if they wanted one. Eve mentioned that ChicoBags make a nice product that can be used for books and groceries.

  11. Next year we could march in the 4th of July parade, We could send out the word that any member of the FFOL is free to join us in the parade. Robin has a truck that has been in the parade before.

  12. Sharon said that what we need is more publicity and self promotion.

  13. In October, we will have the words and music couple back for a performance. They now have their own slide projector. Kathy Harley is working on booking the date at Memorial Hall.

  14. The FFOL will have a booth at the Heritage Festival on 2 September.

  1. kW asked the question, if he has a book review, should he email it to the Messenger or to Tyler to be put on our webpage. The answer is yes.

  2. Sally said we should move ahead and make up membership cards and get them out to those for whom we have email addresses. Sharon suggested we could give them out at a party for members only.

  3. Robin said that 83% of all the valedictorians at Foresthill High were avid library users. We could say to our members that your donations help support the growth of valedictorians in Foresthill.

  4. Katy suggested that teenagers who use our library could be an honorary Friend of the Library. They could come to our meetings. They could put notes on our website about what they are reading and possibly review those books. They would have a section of our website that would be just for teens. Possibly a scholarship or award could be given to one or more young adults, like Michelle. kW asked if that was allowed by our bylaws, i.e., within the scope of our purpose as an organization. We will have to look at our bylaws again. [Secretary’s Note.3: Our bylaws are on our home webpage under the FFOL tab.]

  5. Sally suggested that we set up a committee to design the membership cards. Cathy, Sally and Tyler volunteered to be on the design committee. kW said that being in the publishing and printing business, sometime less is more. You can make a card look too busy.

  6. Sally brought up our subscription to the Sacramento Bee which is over $400 per year. Robin said she still saw some value in subscribing. kW moved that we continue our subscription to the Sac Bee. Katy seconded. MC

  7. Also Sally asked if the $5,000 check to the Placer County Library should be broken into so much for books and so much for DVDs. Eve said that the PC Library has a separate account for each Friends group. The PC Library staff will decide the allocation of our contribution.

  8. Sharon said that the library at the High School is a beautiful room with very few books. Eve said that based on the books being checked out of our library, the staff is planning on increasing the amount of juvenile fiction and nonfiction. The staff is noticing the decrease in the amount of books in school libraries.

  9. Sharon said that she thought this was a good brainstorming session. If a child does not get hooked on books from a parent or someone else in their life before high school, they are done. A lot of adults are also getting tired of reading adult level writing and they are reading juvenile books.

Meeting closed at 7:40. Our next meeting will be Thursday 21 September 2017 – 2:00 pm

Minutes by Tyler Harkness