Cybersecurity Classes

Stay Safe Online: Tips for Seniors – Part 1

Join us at the Foresthill Public Library Community Room for an informative event designed specifically for seniors! In this in-person session, we’ll share essential tips to help you stay safe online. Learn how to protect your personal information, recognize common online scams, and secure your devices. We will be there to answer your questions and provide practical advice. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your online safety skills!

Topics will include:

    • Protect your personal information
    • Identify the components of web and email addresses
    • Examples of cyber threats
    • Secure passwords
    • Internet of Things (IoT) – smart devices
    • How the Internet works
    • Anti-virus software and VPNs

Each participant must reserve a spot, so indicate how many people will be joining this workshop. You can have each participant order their own ticket or you can add multiple ticket orders when you sign up.

Location: Foresthill Public Library, 24580 Main Street, Foresthill, CA, USA

Currently, one class will be offered in June (presented in two sessions).


There are limited spaces for each class (12 seats available plus a waitlist). If the classes are full, more classes will be added each month as long as there is an interest by the community.

Stay Safe Online: Tips for Seniors – Part 2

Part 2 will continue the discussion, including various topics to help you secure your data. You will learn about the types of scams that can trick you into losing your hard-earned money. We will discuss the importance of backing up your data, how to save your important files and documents, and how to recover your data if needed. We will talk about updating the software on your personal computer and mobile devices, along with the importance of using anti-virus software. We will finish up the session by discussing how to secure your Facebook account so it is safe from hackers.

To be invited to this session, you will need to attend the first session. You will receive an email invitation that will be sent to participants who attended that first session.

    • Scams and fraud threat
    • How to back up your system and recover your data (if necessary)
    • Software updates,
    • Email protection
    • Facebook settings and security