Library Services you might not be aware of.

The staff at the library sometimes picks favorites to showcase for your reading pleasure.These are displayed on the top shelf of the new book section. The picks are varied and have something for everyone. One such pick is “The Mental Floss History of the United States.”  by   Erik Sass with Will Pearson and Mangesh Hotlikudeer. While reading history is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, this book might change your mind. It is an informative and entertaining review of American History. It has many sidebars of facts they never taught in school. If you like trivia ,this book is for you.

The monthly auction table is also well worth a look. Five or six books are chosen monthly by one of our excellent volunteers for silent auction. If you find something you can’t live without, bid and check on it throughout the month. There have been bidding wars over these books. Sometimes themes are chosen for the month such as history, animals, cooking etc.  Occasionally there are some out of print books. Most of these books are special and just waiting for a new home.

The main library has expanded the number of devices for which “Library to Go” is compatable. It can be used with e-readers,iPad, and mobile devices. It also has audio books. the ability to burn a CD is available
Go to the library and pick up the handy instructions. Download the free software, browse,checkout,download and enjoy.

Once again many thanks to all who supported the Aug.6th book sale. The county has reduced the amount of money for new materials. A large portion of Friends funds will be used to fill in the gap.

Enjoy the library. It’s a very pleasant place to visit. Become familiar with all the mediums it has to offer. It’s the best bargain in Placer County.


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